Frequently asked questions

New Plant Parent? What to do?

Plant Parenting doesn't come naturally to all of us. We are here to help! Care instructions are listed on the purchase page for our plants. If we haven't added it yet, it is in the works. Feel free to reach out with questions about your plants purchased from us, email us at We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Why doesn't my plant look exactly like the picture on the site?

Every plant is unique, just like people. This is what makes them so awesome! It's not uncommon to have different variations in colour and size with our plants. While we strive for high quality plants, please don't expect your new plant to look exactly like the representation picture on the site. Embrace the uniqueness.

How to water my plants?

Each plant is unique and needs to be watered as such. How often to water depends on the time of year and type of environment your plants live in. We provide watering guidelines for our plants in their descriptions on their pages. When watering have a plant saucer to catch the excess water, excess water will run through the bottom of the pot for about 30-45 seconds to make sure the roots are well watered. Let your plant soak the excess water up for about 15 mins and then empty the plant saucer. Never let your plants sit in excess water unless specifically told to do so, this will kill the plant.

Can I send my plant purchase as a gift?

YES! Please fill out the following in the required feild at Checkout: - Name - Address - Phone Number - Email

Can I Return or Exchange my Plant?

At this time we do not offer Returns or Exchanges on our plants.

Do you offer Wedding or Prop Rentals?

YES!! Contact us regarding rentals and prices. We are happy to help!

Why do you refer to your plants in inches?

4 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and so on refer to the distance across the actual pot (diameter)