Lets Plant Has a Variety of Orchids To Add Color to Your Life.

Orchids are a unique type of plant that many people shy away from growing because they require unusual care. But the payoff for learning about how to make orchids happy is high. They live a long time, their flowers are long-lasting, and they even produce offspring when treated well.

Tips For Orchid Care:

  • Orchids love to be misted. Do not leave them with buried roots in a pot all muddy, they thrive when even their roots receive some air and circulation. Some people even leave their orchid roots exposed with great success, but it does take extra effort to go the sphagnum moss or soil-free route to ensure your plant receives nutrition.

  • Cycles make orchids happy. They love to be misted with plenty of water often but do not be afraid to let them have an occasional dry cycle. They should never dry completely out but they do thrive with a cycle that somewhat mimics the outdoors.

  • Leave the flower alone. Orchid flowers last a long time so most people do not pick them, instead leave them on the plant for as long as it will be there, unlike some other flowers that bloom and fade.

You may be surprised to find out that vanilla grows on an Orchid plant! The genre is fascinating and not too difficult to grow if you are willing to take a few alternate steps than a typical potted fern or other types of plant. If you are ready to get into tropical plants as a hobby browse our selection at Lets Plant. We carry a variety of houseplants to bring color, clean air, and beauty into your home.