Do You Want to Add To Your Plant Collection With Pet Safe Plants?

Lets Plant has a variety of unique plants to add to your collection or to give the perfect gift to the nature lover in your life. What do we mean by unique? Well did you know many plants come in various versions of themselves that emerge occasionally and are rare? It can show up in the form of brighter colors, extreme variation, and other ways. We have plants that are outside the norm and plants that are unusual or rare within themselves. As you delve into the world of plant collection you will quickly discover that there are more out there than your imagination can conjure. We try to cultivate a variety of options from all around so our customers always want to come to see what is new.

Do you wish you could have more houseplants but worry about your pet's reaction? You can have your pets and Fido too with our selection of plants deemed pet safe. We have pet-safe plants so you can enjoy the look and health benefits of plants without putting your pets at risk. Our pet safe plant section includes plant options that are within containers and designed to be easily kept well away from your pet, and plants that are not known to be poisonous or harmful to pets if they are indeed accidentally ingested.

Anyone with pets already knows that they are extremely curious about new things. This is why it is important to be careful about what you bring into your home. We have a whole pet safe section and if you have any questions about other plants at our shop. You can likely update your collection with new and unique plants but a little research can keep your pet safe.