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Do you just love the way a plant improves the environment in a room? House plants add pops of color, improve air quality, and even seem to affect the environment in an area. A Let's Plants plants are our passion. We love cultivating and discovering new items for our plant collection and offering customers our findings. Anyone who enjoys collecting houseplants knows that there are so many to choose from and some types are much rarer than others. We have all types of houseplants available and an ever-rotating inventory so check back often.

Three Things You Never Knew About Succulents:

  • Succulents can be found in just about any color of the rainbow naturally. They are a great addition to a garden for a pop of color but also come in every shade of green if that is your style. Every room in your home can have a succulent that matches the decor!

  • Succulents make great container plants because they are tolerant of various conditions and can grow horizontally but did you know that some types can become large as trees? You can fit a succulent garden on the back of a toilet, on a kitchen window, as the main centerpiece in the entryway or even in a large portion of your yard.

  • These plants come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. If you think you don't like succulents because you prefer vining plants or taller plants you may be surprised. You can find succulents that look like you would never expect.

If you are interested in growing succulents yourself we have many succulents for sale at Lets Plant. We even offer contactless delivery for your safety and convenience!